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Dom's Wanderings

Over the years, I have had the amazing experience of being able to travel the world and see many of its incredible locations all over this fine globe. In my adventures, I have tried my best to record what I saw, where I went, and how I got around in an effort to help others understand these places a bit better and hopefully entice everyone to go out and explore the places they always dreamed of.

In my writings I hope to give you just enough information to light that fire in you to explore on your own. If you would like more information, or even to swap stories of your own, please feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Keep an eye out for more and more entries to come! There is so much in this world to explore, and so much to learn. Life is a journey! Live it!

"Not all who wander are lost."
Someone Famous

Useful Information

Tips & Tricks

Travel Responsibly

  • Don't Be Rude – People respond to kindness much better than negativity. “You catch more bees with honey than vinegar”
  • Don't Litter – Keep places as beautiful as you found them. They didn't have that trash in the photo from the guidebook that got you wanting to go to that spot on the first place
  • Be Thoughtful of Surroundings – Some places have been there for hundreds of years, so be careful not to damage them so that others can continue to enjoy them
  • Tip When You Can - It is not necessary in every place around the world, but always welcome. Gratitude is always appreciated
  • Put a Little Slack in Your Schedule - You never know when you might want to stay somewhere a little longer. And, you might just get stuck somewhere involuntarily. Planes do get delayed from time to time. Despite what some people may think
  • Mind the Time of Year - Some places do have all four different seasons, and others don't. Do your research, pack for the estimated climate, but always pack a jacket or a swimsuit.
  • Remember, Not Everyone Speaks English - Learn a few words or phrases in the language of where you travel to. Not everyone around the world speaks English, so don’t expect them to. People respond kindly to someone even attempting to speak the local language.

Necessary Gear

Depending on the places you plan to go and some of your own personal needs, you are going to want to bring a few basic items.
  • Tire Repair Kit - If you run pnuematic (air-filled) tires, you will want to bring a spare tube or tube patches, tire sticks (atleast 2), and a small pump or CO2 cartridge with valve attachment.
  • Spare ID and Credit Card - Stash a driver's license or passport and a credit card in your luggage somewhere safe as a back up.
  • Change of Clothes - Bring a set of clothes (shirt, pants/shorts, socks, and underwear) in your carry-on bag just in case..
Useful Information

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