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Krankin Thru China Trip Update (9-19-2013)

This last week has been a great one. Been “present week” for me. My sponsors have gone above and beyond to set me up with the best gear. So far this week, I have gotten my 65 litre pack, 2 sleeping bags, and a 2-man tent from the guys at Ledge Sports. I have gotten a new Tension Adjustable Backrest from Supracor, to replace my worn out and well used one. I have gotten a new set of coil-over shocks for my chair from Box Wheelchairs. Items from Frog Legs, Inc., Kenda Tires, and a couple others are still to come. I cannot thank my sponsors enough for how generous they have been. It is par for the course over my relationship with all of them.

The prior week was getting some of the legal matters sorted out. I paid a couple visits to the Consulate General to apply and pick up my visa. This was a very painless process. The security guards were really friendly and quite helpful. The one at the metal detector even gave me a different number than the one I had taken to push me up further in the line. This was the same cool experience a few days later when I went to pick up the new visa, with the same guards working.

Joshua and I have continued to work out more specific details of the itinerary each day. This is going to be a very eventful trip - to say the least. From hikes in Mount Tai and the Yellow Mountains, to river boat rides, the Great Wall, and the Forbidden City. All of this sprinkled within many presentations to groups all over. You've got to mix a little business in with the pleasure, you know. Keep a look out for the “map” of our travels, coming soon.

There is still sponsorship opportunities available for this program. There is a growing amount of press surrounding this event and if you are interested in working with us please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..