Supracor Tension Adjustable Backrest

Supracor Tension Adjustable Backrest

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Initial Impression

Upon getting my first backrest from the awesome folks at Supracor, I promptly ripped off my old, worn out upholstery and started oogling over the new "toys" I had received. I expected a high standard of quality from Supracor, from years upon years of using their cushions on my chairs and they did not disappoint.

The 3 tension adjustable straps across the back are wide and secure, with metal d-rings, not cheap plastic. The fabric over the backrest posts is strong but not rough on the skin. The breathable layer on the outside and Nomex inner layer help pull moisture away from your body and help keep you cool. And, of course, the same tried and true honeycomb cushion material that I have loved inside to keep you stable yet never causing any pressure issues.

The whole thing is washer and dryer safe when you need to clean it, or you can wash the cover by itself right in your laundry inside the included mesh bag. Which is one of the greatest advantages of the Stimulite line over all other cushions. And the cushion material is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and odor resistant to begin with.

Oh, and we cannot forget the "privacy flap" piece of continuous fabric that attaches under your seat cushion to keep your behind from peeking out EVER. Everyone knows, "crack kills"..

These backrests come in widths from 14" to 24" and heights from 12" to 16". You can also add in additional lumbar support if needed. And they are Medicare approved (HCPC E2611 & E2612).

Supracor has proven the ability and benefits of their material, bringing technology over from the aerospace industry and have not cut any corners in their medical division. They also have many other products (mattress toppers, shower sponges, even sandals, bulletproof vests, and fighter jet seats), so have a look on their site ( for more fun stuff.

After a bit of use..

I have now had the Stimulite Tension Adjustable Back on both my everyday chair and my trail chair for over 2 years now, and I still say they are the best your money can get. I have worn through the corners of the fabric a bit, but considering the abuse I have put them through, it is amazing they haven't just disintegrated. The honeycomb material is still as strong as the day I first strapped the backrest on.

I look forward to much more torture testing of these backrests, and expect nothing but good results. Thanks a million to the folks at Supracor for making such a great product!

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