Supracor Stimulite Contour XS Cushion

Supracor Stimulite Contour XS Cushion

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Only a couple years after my injury in 1994, I was introduced to the Supracor Honeycomb material and haven't looked back since. I ditched the horrible gel cushion that I had been using and have avoided those air pocket messes that shall not be named like the plague.

Now, almost 20 years later, I am still using Stimulite cushions and have had the good fortune of no pressure soars due to my cushion. There was a little mishap with a futon couch years ago, but that was no fault of my cushion. I am a true believer in these cushions and would recommend them to anyone. Let me tell you why..

First off, the outer cover is durable, yet soft on bare skin. It is breathable and washable/dryable right in your laundry. and has this really convenient zipper pouch sewn right in the front to carry all sorts of things like a wallet, keys, even a small child (okay, maybe not a small child). You can also get the outer cover in the standard polyester or a sheep skin fabric if you like.

The inner honeycomb cushion material is firm and stable, yet handles pressure so well. The XS (for extra soft) layer has even helped calm my leg spasms down to a minimum. Not to mention, you can was the whole kit, cushion and cover in your laundry if you like, in the supplied mesh bag of course. The honeycomb material is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and odor resistant to begin with and is vented to help control temperature and dissipate moisture. I have had many a sweaty days in the gym, soaked wet suits on dive days, and rainy rides on my handcycle to prove the water-shedding ability of these cushions.

The Contour XS cushion has this really trick contoured front part that curves around the back side of your legs to help them from flopping around, and a lowered rear area to help promote good posture and hug your behind for more stability. The total thickness of the cushion is 3.5" high and comes in at around only 3 lbs.

It comes in pediatric and adult sizes in widths from 14" to 20", plus custom sizing if you need, and bariatric sizes up to 30". These cushions and the other models in the Stimulite line are Medicare coded for billing.

For more of the different products that Supracor offers, check out or shoot me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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