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Over the last many years, I have gone through a few pairs of Spinergy wheels and loved each and every one of them. I have a new favorite now in the 12-Spoke LX (Light Extreme). It has a thinner hub and is quite a bit lighter than SLX (Sport Light Extreme), yet is still just as long lasting and rugged as the SLX.

I have done so little maintenance to my wheels over the years besides a good cleaning. I have never had to true one single wheel, where I was bringing in my old steel-spoke wheels in at least one a month to get straightened. The PBO-fiber spokes are tough as nails. And the sealed cartridge bearings last a really long time before I just have to pop them out and replace them. As long as you don’t dip them in salt water a bunch of times…take that tip from me. I learned the hard way on that one. I have only broken one wheel out of many and that was doing something silly that I really shouldn’t have in the first place – Thanks for the quick replacement, Ryan. The LX hub is CNC-machined aluminum with a double-walled aluminum rim and are crazy light.

These wheels are extremely lightweight and very durable over all. I really cannot find a flaw in them. Spinergy has multiple sizes (22', 24", 25", 26") and they fit all manual chairs. And they have all sorts of cool colors for their spokes (black, white, red, yellow, blue, pink, orange, green) to choose from and you can even order custom combinations of their colors as well.

The PBO-Fiber Spoke (Polyphenylene Bensobisoxazole, for you techies) is three time the strength of stainless steel and half of the weight and 25% more shock absorbent and 10 times stronger than aluminum spoke. Each spoke consists of 30,000 fiber strands inside a water/UV-proof, chemical resistant composite casing.

I like the fact that you can reach between spokes when you drop something underneath your chair or when you are putting your chair in your vehicle. The spokes are spaced far enough apart to stick even my big hands through and grab that stubborn wrench I keep dropping.

I use the 25-559c or 25” size as it is the same size as most bicycle wheels, so you can go to any local bike shop and get new tires and tubes. Check out www.Spinergy.com for more information.

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