Kenda Konstrictor Tire

Kenda Konstrictor Tire

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Recently, I was sent a pair of the new Kenda Konstrictor tires for review. These tires rock, hands down. The dual compound wears really well. The smooth crown gives you a great rolling surface on hard surfaces like wood, tile and concrete and even helps reduce vibration into your body. The slight amount of tread towards the outer edges of the tire gives you just a bit of added help in those dirt and grassy areas that we all get ourselves in.

These tires are very light weight, making for less effort in your push. The two-color design looks trick! For those who like to accessorize their chairs, these tires have a grey center with black sidewalls and a choice of: red, blue, yellow, green or orange for the serpentine treaded corners of the tire.

The Konstrictors are basically bulletproof in my eyes as I rolled 12 miles round trip to work and back from home, hopping curbs and rolling over broken beer bottles along the lovely sidewalks with not a bit of lost air or even a chunk of glass imbedded in my rubber just waiting to cut my palms. The “CAP” (Casing Added Protection) technology put into these tires is the real deal.

For the do-it-yourselfer these tires were easy to mount as Kenda is rather particular about their size matching to the various rim sizes. You have your choice from a 24” x 1” (23-540), 25” x 1” (23-559), or a 26” x 1” (23-590) for the different rims available by most manufacturers.

Loved by road bike users all over, these tires are taking over the world of wheelchairs, as well. And at an average MSRP of $40 a tire they are not going to break the bank either, not to mention the added savings from the lack of tube patching and replacing.

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