Kenda Koncept Tire

Kenda Koncept Tire

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The Kenda Koncept (K191) is the company's answer to a hi-performance tire for sports and everyday use, the "Iron CAP" construction has a list of protective material under the tread that runs from bead to bead adding strength to these tires. The Iron CAP tires claim to be 90% more puncture resistant and I sure put them to the test. The outer edge of the tire grabs very well on wood courts and rolls effortlessly down the sidewalk. The rolling weight of these tires is so minimal you barely notice you are rolling along and mounted to a set of Spinergy SLX rims, they take only a finger to lift. Or if you are me, you mount them to a set of billet aluminum wheels and get a shinny bang for your buck.

Now these tires are strong, fast, and light-weight, but the added cool factor of these tires is the brilliant yellow, orange, red, blue, pink or grey that they come in. There used to be as well, but Kenda opted to discontinue that color. Kenda DRC (Dual Rubber Compound) colored tires are not only killer looking but tough to boot. You can also get them a bit lighter in the SRC (Single Rubber Compound), but those are only grey or pink. I have to say, I put these tires through the ringer and they came out with flying colors (pun intended).

You can get your Koncepts in 24", 25". 650c, and 700c diameters and some colors will not be in all sizes. I think I can steer clear of the pink with ease.

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