Kenda Kobra Tire

Kenda Kobra Tire

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These tires are the most versatile I have ever seen! They go great through the snow, grass, dirt, gravel, or any other nasty thing you can throw at them. Snow doesn't even stick to them, one tap and it all falls right off! The tire's crown (or middle section) rolls very smooth on hard ground, for when you are hitting the pavement. The large lug tread design on the edges of the tire are for when you sink into the grass or soft sand. They dig in and supply plenty of traction to get you where ever you want to go.

Once back on the pavement these tires roll with ease. And for those lifting there chair into a vehicle, the weight of these tires is extremely light in comparison to other mountain bike-style tires on the market.

The CAP (Casing Added Protection) designation "is an added layer of material under the tread area and runs from bead to bead," says Charles Li of Kenda Tires and Tubes, "It is a puncture-resistant material designed to prevent pinch flats," also making the tire over 65% more puncture proof than a standard tire.

Just like so many of the other tires Kenda makes, you can get colors for added flare. The Kobras are all grey non-marking treads, but you can choose from blue, red, or yellow for the sidewalls. Also, they only come in 24" and 26" diameters.

I can't seem to bring myself to take these tires off! Even now the snow has long since been gone and the tread is down to nothing on the tires. These are THE BEST all around tire I have ever used and definitely a must for anyone like me who can't just stick to the sidewalks. Check out for more information.

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