D's Locks Hub Lock Brake System

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This system is killer! I had avoided brakes altogether on my chair like the plague for years after smashing my thumbs repeatedly on the old school “push-to-lock” versions. And the “scissor” locks are just awkward to get to.

The first set I got were after my chair was already made so I had to mount the hardware myself. It was actually very easy to install and everything to do so was included. The mounts and many other pieces in the kit are very nicely machined aluminum that are cool looking beyond just there great function.

Once they were installed, I can’t say I will ever go without them again. They are simple, rather lightweight (approx. 2 pounds), out of the way of my hands, and easy to use. One lever activates both side pins, engaging both brakes with a simple flick of the one lever. The positive on-or-off of the brakes makes them perfect as a parking brake. Just don’t try and use them as a speed brake or for turning as you WILL end up on the pavement. Trust me! The pins are spring-loaded and are cable-actuated, so you have many different options on where to mount the lever somewhere easy to reach. You can even mount them on full suspension chairs without any issues.

Mine are installed on my Spinergy LX wheels and I experience a little bit of wheel flex when they are engaged, but that is totally fine. It is the spokes of the wheel flexing, not the brakes malfunctioning. It is a little unsettling to feel the chair rock a bit even with the brakes locked in, but you get used to it over time. At Least I did.. Also, it doesn't matter what style/size tire you put on the rim and they will still lock perfectly even when your tire's air pressure is low or the tread is worn down. You can even remove and reinstall the wheel entirely without disengaging the brakes.

Ds Locks fit many different wheel brands and chair models, and the company is in San Diego, CA (made in the USA). Check out www.DsLocks.net for more information.


  • $748.00 + $20.00 Shipping (Direct from D's Locks.net)
  • $399.00 listed on Sportaid.com, advertising $359 (as of 8-17-2013)
  • $750.00 listed on Spinlife.com, advertising $580.00 + free shipping and no sales tax (as of 8-17-2013)

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