Accessible Designs, Inc. Carbon Fiber Backrest w/Supracor

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After a few emails and a couple months, I finally received one of the coolest "upgrades" to my chair to date. I talked the powers to be at Accessible Designs, Inc. (better knows as simply ADI) into putting the unbeatable Supracor honeycomb cushion material in their already killer carbon fiber backrest.

ADI ( has been making top notch products for ages and they continue to put out killer quality work. Their backrest has machined, black anodized aluminum mounting hardware and strong, light-weight carbon fiber wrapped in durable yet soft and breathable fabric that covers even up over the top of the backrest.

I had them build me a pair of 10-inch tall, CF Series backrests with the "active" contour for both of my Box Wheelchairs ( -- my off-road "Trail Gunner" and my rigid everyday chair. I had them also replace the standard medium-density foam with Supracor ( honeycomb material. Supracor's honeycomb cushion material is already proven and I have used their cushions on all sorts of seats for 15 years plus. Any of these options are available if you choose to order one, or two, for yourself.

So far, I have only mounted the backrest and set the height on the backrest bars. Upon the first moment of sitting in the chair, it felt incredible. From the moment I felt the carbon fiber and honeycomb cushion mold to my low back like melting butter, I was in heaven. The support I feel with the hard shell-style backrest compared to standard fabric is unmatched.

I haven't put the other backrest on my everyday chair yet, due to some modifications that need to be made to the backrest support bar on the chair to accommodate the curve of the carbon backrest. This I will enlist the builder to sort out for me with minor changes.

I do recommend to everyone getting the "privacy flap" piece of fabric that attaches to the bottom of the backrest with a cool zipper and under your seat cushion. It helps with those embarrassing "plumber" moments we all have been victim to.

I predict many, many days ahead of ultimate comfort in my chair with these new upgrades. Keep coming back to check as I update in the future of my extended torture of my new toys. And make sure you check out the ADI backrests and the other products they have on their site

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