Ledge Sports Adventure 65L Pack

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Initial impression:

This pack has a very smart setup of outer strapping, daisy chain, and zippered pockets. It is possibly lighter than my Kelty Coyote 65 and definitely lighter than my Black Wolf Cedar Breaks 65L pack

I dig the draw cord separator in the main internal chamber to keep things separated. Also, having a zippered section for other items accessible from the outside in going to be convenient.

The removable lumbar strap is key for me, as I can remove it to not interfere with the backrest on my chair.

The shoulder strap padding feels very comfortable so far with a little bit of weight inside for testing purposes. We will see what happens when it is fully packed with my normal of about 35-40 lbs of gear.

It’s good looking pack, with the fun yellow/grey/black combo. And comes across as a durable pack with ballistic Cordura construction and strong stitching.

The overall size is thin enough to not interfere with my wheels or arms as I push. And the orientation of the pack on my back is up high enough with the straps set that the bottom doesn't bind with the back of my chair as I lean forward and back.

After 1st Trip:

Well, this pack did not disappoint in any way. In fact, it exceeded all my expectations. It was comfortable, light, and handled all the abuse I inflicted on it for 26 days straight in China. It was tossed around buses, trains and taxis filled to the max and didn't blow a seam or zipper. It even survived a glass jar of peanut butter shattering inside the upper compartment.

The external straps and compartments were super convenient and worked very well carrying my Scorpion 45 bag and Therm-a-Rest bed roll on the outside. The shell is quite water resistant, but not fully water-proof, but with the rain fly on it worked like a champ. And there aren’t too many folds and seams for dust and mud to clump up in.

I was able to carry heaps of clothing, extra shoes and rain gear, along with all the necessities on this latest trip. The weight seemed well-placed and sturdy on my back. And the shoulder straps were comfortable on my shoulders without digging in at all.

I am very happy with this pack. Overall, it is light, comfortable and the design is well thought out. I look forward to many treks with this pack to come. I have no doubt it will handle lots of repeated abuse, I mean use. Yes, kind and gentle use.

For more from Ledge Sports: www.LedgeSports.com.

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