Ledge Sports Featherlite 20 Sleeping Bag

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The Featherlite 20 Bag was one of a few pieces of gear I was fortunate enough to get right before I set off on a 26-day tour around China. I ended up choosing their lighter, warmer-weather Scorpion 45 Bag for this trip so, for now I have only had the chance to poke and prod the facade. Soon, I will be snuggling in this beauty in cold temperatures..

Initial Impression:

The compression bag material and make on par with any of the top gear companies, as you would expect from the guys at Ledge Sports. I dig the clips on the compression straps to open it. They make it easy to remove the bag for use.

The bag itself is made of a soft comfortable outer fabric. I am looking forward to nights in this one. The zipper pouch on outside of bag is good for keys, wallet, passport, or even possibly a heater pack in cold weather. The dual zipper a plus if you are the kind of person who likes to stick just their feet out when they get warm.

The overall weight and size are light and small, even without the compression straps cinched down. This should travel really well.

Bring on the fun!

For more from Ledge Sports: www.LedgeSports.com.

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