Jetflow Raptor Hydration Pack

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Over this last weekend while I was in Zion National Park, UT for the Zion Half Marathon, I got the chance to chat with Andrew from Jetflow at the race expo. I got a hold of a Raptor Hydration Pack for my handcycle to replace my old CamelBakunit.

Normally, these packs would just go on your back but this one was strapped onto the back on my Top End Force handcycle and fits like a glove. The Jetflow hydration pack line all use a system that beats the typical bladder-style containers hands down. Jetflow packs use their own manifold design that accepts pretty much any water bottle, from a simple 20oz. water bottle from your local grocer to a Gatorade or Powerade bottle, even the Nalgene wide-mouth bottles we all use. They even give you the adapters with the kit to accept the larger openings in some of the bottles. The trick factor for this system means that you can easily screw in your favorite bottle and go, or if you happen to run out of water on the ride around the city you can stop at any store, get a new one and off you go again.

Sadly, there is no recycling programs in place for the standard polyurethane water bladders we have all been using, so when they get a little skunky or you just can’t seem to get that lemon lime taste out of it after 10 refills and have to pitch it they just pile up in the landfills. Whereas, there ARE recycling programs for all the plastic water bottles. So, not only are you able to pick and choose what flavor you might want that particular ride, you are also doing your part to help our beloved mother nature.

The Raptor pack fits up to two 1.5 liter bottles in the hydration section of the pack. Beyond being able to carry heaps of water, I can carry all my emergency gear (tubes, brake pads, tools, etc.) AND my phone, wallet, keys.. You get the point. Storage, lots of storage!

The guys at Jetflow have put a serious amount of thought into their products. They USE their gear and know what works and what doesn’t. Like any good, mad scientist, they are always trying to improve upon their last design.

If you would rather use your favorite pack, the Jetflow system will easily fit in the hydration sleeves of others, as well. And if you are looking for a mister to keep you cool, you can even attach a pump or CO2 cartridge to the check-valve side of the manifold and pressurize the water in the bottle to give yourself a little spritz. The whole setup is dishwasher safe (top rack). Just wash and go, no more fancy drying contraptions to hang your water bladder in just the right way so it will actually dry completely. I tell ya, they thought of EVERYTHING!

I am looking forward to many trips and many, many well-hydrated miles ahead. To get yours, check out their website or shoot me an email and I can give you more info. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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