Spinergy Stealth Handcycle Wheels

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I have now put on a few thousand miles on my wheels and I think I can safely say I love these wheels! What a difference wheels can make! I didn’t realize just what a difference a set of wheels could make but going from the standard steel, radial-spoke, wheels that come with the Force bikes to a set of these Stealth wheels is night and day.

When you first grab these wheels, you notice right away how much lighter they are (1700-grams per pair of a front and rear). Then you put them on and go for a crank and you really see the difference. They ride with so much less vibration off from the pavement. And, I feel like so much more of my energy is translated right from my cranks to the road and moving me forward. It is like the perfect balance of flex and rigidity. I also don’t feel them flex at all in hard, high speed cornering.

I do notice a bit of noise from the carbon, but you hear everything having the wheels right next to your ears. It is nothing compared to a full disc wheel or even some other super deep-dish carbon wheels. I also, don’t notice much wind push from the side. Full and deep-dish wheels can tend to catch a lot of side wind and I don’t feel much at all with these even in heavy side gusts.

The PBO fiber spokes and their integration into the rest of the Spinergy design of wheel makes for very little maintenance and no worries. I have used Spinergy wheels on multiple wheelchairs and handcycles in so many difference configurations and applications and I never once have worried about breaking a wheel.

The front and rear as they label them are for a standard 2-wheel bike and the handcycle setup is opposite. Front is rear, etc.. The ones you will use on the rear of the handcycle will be called fronts and are a 16-spoke radial design. Your front, drive wheel will be their rear and is a 20-spoke radial/2-cross configuration. The front wheel has a quick release skewer and the rears are set up with a 1/2" threaded axle.

Spinergy will even do custom lacing of different colors for you. I had them do some trick blue and orange spokes and graphics for me. They can also set your wheels/hubs up to be for a disc or caliper brakes, or even both. Oh, and just a word to the wise, the rim profile is 43mm deep, so make sure to get your valve stems long enough.

At the end of the day, I am no gram-crunching, crazy bike tech guy, but I can tell you that getting yourself a set of these wheels will be a total game changer and you will not be disappointed. The initial outlay of cash can be a bit painful at about $1700.00, but it is well worth it! It is the best upgrade you can make to your bike, in my opinion.

For more information, check out www.Spinergy.com.

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