ReActive Adaptations Hammerhead - "Unboxing"

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I was so excited the day the R & L Freight truck showed up! I had been dreaming of one day owning an off-road handbike for 4 years and spent the last 6 months chomping at the bit waiting for it to be built. Jake over at ReActive Adaptations in Crested Butte, CO was taking his time building the perfect bike for me that would easily handle my abuse and take me anywhere I might even dream of going. And, that day has come.

The driver had to use a hydraulic ramp and a pallet jack to get the box off from his truck and into my driveway. A bit overkill, I think, but it was quite a large box. Once he was on his way, I started tearing into the present left for me. The outside of the box was a bit rough, but inside, nicely protected and packaged was this gorgeous work of art. Already mostly assembled, I put the frame up on my work cart and finished getting it all together. All that was left was pretty much just putting the wheels and steering pad on it.

This Betty looks killer just sitting still! It turned out perfect! I hopped on and just rolled it around the cul-de-sac a couple times. I had to test the suspension just slightly on the curbs in front of the house. And, let me tell you, this thing is going to be a beast on the trails!

So far, I have only ridden it around the neighborhood on the pavement and down the bike path with a little playing on the local golf course, but it only begs for a real challenge. This bike has soaked every bump and hill up without batting and eye. As I get more used to it and comfortable with what it is capable of and even what I am capable of, I will push it further and further.

Stay tuned for even more madness. It is about to get real!

And if you are interested in your own bike contact Jake at

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