Colours AZ-1 Portable Hand Controls

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For those of you who travel and/or rent vehicles, or just have a vehicle that can’t always have hand controls in it, Colours Wheelchair has the answer in the form of the AZ-1 portable hand control! These hand controls simply clamp down to the accelerator and brake pedals and tighten down with a plastic wing nut, giving you the ability to drive almost any vehicle you can climb into with an automatic transmission.

Made of strong, lightweight aluminum tubing they collapse down easy to fit in a carry-on bag for travel. Just pop out the 2 adjusting pins and they break down really easily. They are also anodized blue for good looks and to keep the aluminum from corroding over time and getting black dust all over your hands and legs.

I have gotten the chance to use these controls recently and I must say I really like them. They use a different motion of control for the pedals and do require quite a bit more hand dexterity but are surprisingly very comfortable, even on long road trips. You simply grasp the nice rubber motorcycle grip in one hand and use your thumb to depress the gas. The gripped handle is for the brake so you just push it forward and let the gas lever slide freely.

The wing nuts that you tighten to install the control’s clamps to the individual pedals are easy to tighten and loosen during installation and removal and the clamps themselves secure very well to the brake and accelerator, even in the newer vehicles with a plastic pedal.

I give them the Dom-proof seal of approval! For more information and how to get your own set, check out

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