The Wondrous Hot Shower

on Tuesday, 27 October 2015. Posted in personal, randomness

Today I had my first proper shower in almost 4 months. It is truly amazing how something so simple can become so profound, even dare I say magical.

Through the past 4 months of being 100% confined to a bed in the hospital during surgeries and recovery, the best I could get is a "bird bath" with a wash cloth and a tub of hot, soapy water. The towels at any one of the facilities I stayed at could have sanded the hard wood bed floor of my truck. And despite some of their persistent offerings, I was not keen on the nurses giving me a bed bath.Even shaving my face was pretty much taken off the to do list and I let myself go grizzly for the first 8 weeks. Some even wondered if I were joining the cast of Duck Dynasty, but I couldn't handle the full on mountain man look so every couple weeks I would take the clippers to my head./p>

Finally, after being home for just a few days the doc oked me to take showers. A REAL SHOWER. And boy was it an uplifting experience. The feeling of scraping and cleansing away the last 15 weeks of yuck was utterly gratifying. And while I proceeded to shave my face smooth for the first time in what felt like forever, I thought to myself, I am finally getting my life back, feeling more like me again, more like a human being.

Sometimes you get to step back and bask in something so simple, a little luxury, that makes you feel so wonderful. This was one of those times.

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