"Gimp Day" - 16 Years Later

on Thursday, 09 December 2010. Posted in personal, randomness

Sixteen years ago today, my life changed forever in an instant. Some feel sorry for me, with comments of “Oh, wow. That sucks!”, after I explain why I am in a wheelchair. Some think this was such a terrible thing to happen to me. Those people have no idea. I raise my glass on this day and celebrate it every single year. My life is better and more fulfilled than I could ever even dream of. I have been more places around the world, done more things, and have better friends around me than I could ever ask for.

"Gimp Day" - 13 Years Later

on Sunday, 09 December 2007. Posted in personal, randomness

As of December 9th, 2007 I have officially been in a wheelchair for 13 years and, "boy, what a long, strange trip it has been." Some people question why I celebrate this day. Some people say they feel sorry for me or that it is sad that I am in a wheelchair for what looks like the rest of my life. I see it as a great day in my personal history. For more than just the simple fact that I survived.. I excelled.

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