Bike Time 2010 Tattoo Contest

on Sunday, 18 July 2010. Posted in competitions, appearances

Bike Time 2010 Tattoo Contest

On July 17th, 2010 -- on a bit of a fluke -- I competed in the Muskegon Bike Time's Tattoo Competition in the Best Sleeve category and won, in a field of 14 people.

There were some seriously great other tattoos that people were showing off on stage. My good friend Garry and I competed in different categories during the contest, both with work done by Josh Tardani. Thanks heaps to Josh Tardani of Precision Ink in Muskegon, Michigan for the amazing artwork! It was well worth the 50+ hours over 6 weeks sitting in a tattoo chair -- and that's just ONE arm.

To see more of my tattoos and learn about their meanings, check out my other blog article, My Tattoos. Also, check out the Muskegon Chronicle newspaper article on the show.

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