Wiring Day 1 (4/16/14)

on Wednesday, 21 November 2018. Posted in adrenalin fix

Today I went over to the shop to start to tackle the spaghetti otherwise known as engine and transmission wiring harness. It sure is a good thing I am Italian, because otherwise I would REALLY hate all that noodly mess.

With my trusty Sharpie marker and a roll of tape in hand, I set out to make sense of this new puzzle. First, I must remove all of the stock wiring loom and electrical tape from everything. One major advantage I have right now is that the engine is sitting in the frame rails, but the front body hasn't been put on yet. So, I can actually reach things rather easily by climbing up onto the tire and essentially straddle the front suspension.

After a good few hours of dissecting the whole harness, labeling and unplugging everything. I was able to remove the entire harness as one full unit. Now, I get to research the sensors I could not find and begin removing the wires and sensors I won't be using. Good times ahead..

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