Frog Legs Phase 2 Forks

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I have had multiple sets of the Phase-One aka “Ultra Sport” forks from Frog Legs, Inc. on my chairs over the years and I absolutely love them! Now, it is time for Phase-Two!

In February, I stopped by the Frog Legs booth at the Abilities Expo to visit with Mark and Janet and see what new toys they might have for me to play with. I had seen these new carbon composite forks in ads and some social media posts as they were coming out and there they were sitting on the table right in front of me. After a breakdown of the awesome technical specs making me salivate that much more in anticipation, Mark got down on the floor for me. No, really, he actually sat down on the floor and swapped out my forks and casters right then and there. I am always so pleased with their high level of customer service. It goes totally in tandem with the high quality of their products.

The Phase-Two fork from Frog Legs, Inc. has now revolutionized the wheelchair fork. If you still want the tried and true aluminum version, by all means the Phase-One is still a great choice. But, if you are like me and always looking for stronger, lighter, better, faster, and even less expensive... The Phase-Two is definitely the way to go.

The long carbon fiber-reinforced nylon composite used in the new forks helps make them 33% (280g) lighter than the T60/61 aluminum predecessor (trust me, guys. You will absolutely notice the weight difference). AND, this carbon fiber composite make-up is twice the tensile strength. Everyone knows, I need the strongest parts I can find. Some would even say "Dom-proof" over "bomb-proof".

Although these forks are proven to be ultra strong, another plus to the carbon composite material is its softer impact on walls and other surfaces. The hinge section of the fork has a pretty prominent "swing out" as they pivot in turns and these forks have already shown to be gentle on the ole door trim. Also, as the anodizing wears off and the bare aluminum oxidizes, the blackness WILL literally leave its mark. The composite brother has yet to do so.

Last but not least on the benefits list of these forks is the new wedge-shaped polymer bushing. The new design actually makes the suspension have a progressive rate of shock absorption. On the small, quick ripples, such as those lovely yellow sidewalk pimples they put at the curb cutouts now, these forks really soak up the jarring, stop you dead in your tracks, reaction that normally happens. The larger bumps pose no issue either, as these little ditties ride a dream when you try to give them a proper beating.

Another advantage to the new polymer shape and design is that they will support all weights from 50 to 250 lbs. Which takes the guessing out of which of the older style polymers you might need. And, no one wants to admit to needing the "heavy weight" bushing on their chair.

For even more fun stuff and technical info, if you're a dork like me, check out for more information.

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