Frog Legs EPIC Soft Roll Casters

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The new and improved Soft Roll casters from Frog Legs, Inc. now go by the name “EPIC” and the name says it all! A smooth 3-spoke design CNC machined out of 6061-T6 heat-treated aluminum (for you fellow gearheads), or in a composite hub. Both come with a long lasting urethane tire that aids in vibration absorption. These wheels are great in gravel and grass and float over cracks and cobblestones.

There are many different sizes (from 3" diameter to 6" diameter) and colors to choose from in cool anodized flare. I picked up a set of 3" in blue and also a set of 6" in black to match my black “Ultra Sport” front forks. And the new EPIC wheels are almost half the weight of the original Soft Roll caster, and they were ultra light even before - original 4" = 125 grams, EPIC 4" = 68 grams. You can even add these wheels to a power chair. Check out for more information.

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