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During an event at the Big Bear Ski Resort in collaboration between Triumph Foundation and US Adaptive Rec. Center I had the fortune of FINALLY getting some seat time in the DynAccess Ltd. Torque 2 mono-ski. I have been itching to get a hold of this ski for ages and after years of being in the wrong place at the wrong time I actually got my skinny behind in one.

Initial Impression:

After just 2 runs down the hill, I was able to get a pretty good feel for the ski in general. We really didn’t mess with the tuning of the Penske Racing air-shock, which is crazy adjustable to fine tune for rider weight, rebound, dampening, etc.. I instantly felt comfortable in the bucket of this rig. Even after already doing a few runs on the hill in another ski and eating an extra heavy liquid lunch.

The one-piece bucket did seem to push my upper body forward a bit for my liking. I think I might have been better with a 2-piece, maybe. And the setup I was riding had me sitting forward on the chair lift seat, making me feel like I was tipping forward. I was informed that the Tensor model fits back in the seat better and there is an optional curved H-arm that helps out on the Torque 2 model, as well.

The chrome-moly frame feels light and easy to control coming down the hill and sticking my way around getting on and off the lift. For the standard ski there is no “load position”, but you can order the ski with the option to do so. It sits tall enough to begin with and you just lift up a bit to “hop” yourself into the seat.

The lesser seat angle (28-degrees compared to the 40-degree in the Torque 1) still kept me tight, but not feeling like my knees were in my chest and gave me good stability.

The ski board they had on the rig seemed short to me but I felt stable and had good control. I was told later that it also is a bit of a mind trick not to see the tip of the board, so your focus gets back on what is in front of you rather than looking down at the ski.

At the end of the day, I was yearning for more time in this killer ski. I was so impressed with the rig to start with, and can only imagine how much fun I could have as I tuned it in more for me. I could see spending a lot of time in this ski. Bring on the pow!

For more information, check out http://DynAccessLTD.com.

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