Box Wheelchairs Rigid Wheelchair

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Upon pick up of my shiny new chair, hand polished by Ms. Alison Box herself, I was in awe at the beautiful work of art in front of me. I was so stoked to be rolling around in what I knew was going to be my favorite chair yet. Mike had built an amazing machine.

The rigid frame everyday chair Box Wheelchairs built for me was just my style, simple and built to be used. Box uses TIG welded, 6061-T6 heat treated aluminum tubing for the frame and I opted for the welded backrest and aluminum welded side guards. Less hardware and moving parts means less weight and less things to break or wear out.

I went for the Frog Legs Ultra Sport ( suspension forks and 3" x 1.4" EPIC Soft Roll casters, D's Locks Hub Lock System (, Supracor ( Tension Adjustable Backrest and Contour XS cushion with Spinergy ( 24-spoke X-Lace wheels. The whole kit and caboodle came out to 26.4 lbs. It's not the lightest chair on the face of the Earth, but it sure built strong enough to handle any abuse I might throw at it.

Now, the amazing thing about this chair build is that we used the measurements directly off from my Colours RazorBlade and yet this chair is 10 times more stable and 100 times more comfortable. Whatever magic Mr. Box worked whilst he was building this chair sure did the trick. Even my posture was that much better in the new ride.


So, I have been traipsing around the globe and pretty much abusing this chair now for the last 2 years and the polish is still not completely gone. All be it, there are a fair share of scratches but nothing major. I did have a small mishap with the backrest, which after a call, Mr. Box had me welded and fixed right back up, no questions asked, no charge, no fuss, no muss.

I truly cannot say enough good things about my Box wheelchair and the all the people behind "box". The product is absolute top notch and the customer service is above and beyond.

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