Box Wheelchairs WCMX Wheelchair (modified)

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Mr. Box was certainly up for the task at hand and did NOT disappoint yet again. I made my way to Norco once more to be amazed once more. Yes, hand polished by Mrs. Box with love and care. Even though I am about to beat this chair into submission.. or so I thought.

The frame is based in TIG welded, 6061 T6 heat treated aluminum with solid welded backrest and sheet aluminum side guards. I kept with the tried and true Frog Legs gear, Ultra Sport suspension forks, and EPIC 5" x 1.4" Soft Roll casters, D's Locks Hub Locks, and Supracor cushion and backrest

To handle the bumps and off-camber sections on the trail there is a triangulated 4-link suspension just like the baddest of Jeeps crawling in the rocks. The design is simple, strong and if you actually break something, the parts are standard pieces from a good hardware store. Even the heim joint rod ends are beefy and ready for torture.

To top it all off, I strapped on a set of Spinergy SLX wheels with the R10 hubs and massive 5/8" axles wrapped in gnarly Kenda Nevegal knobbies to handle the traction. I also added my own touch of a Burton snowboard binding for a waist restraint to keep me secure in the seat if, by chance things get a little wild on the trail.

Alright, enough talk! Let's hit the trail!


Two years and lots and lots of "trail mix" eaten, the Trail Gunner is still kickin' pa-too-tee. I was told by the man himself that if I managed to actually break anything that he would fix it. Challenge ACCEPTED..

This chair has seen a lot of time in the dirt, even slingin' some mud on a 26-day trek in China, and I have got to say that I am astonished at it capability. It is absolutely planted in off-camber spots and the tires claw their way over rocks and roots so well. The Frog Legs front suspension forks and casters handle the dirt and small rocks really well.

I have truly been happy with this chair, and one of the coolest things is that after a day of hitting the trails with my friends and seeing such beautiful scenery, I can roll right into the pub and have a beer to celebrate the day's accomplishments and not have to change chairs or even swap out my wheels. I can visit the trails and really get just about anywhere I want and essentially use the same chair that I use all day long and not have to spend thousands of dollars on a specific piece of equipment for off-road.

To get yourself back on the trail in the best rig out there, check out And if you are interested in hitting the trails, shoot me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I am always itchin' to get muddy!

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