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ReActive Adaptations Hammerhead - 1st Trail

ReActive Adaptations Hammerhead - 1st Trail

Well, today was the day! I finally got the chance to take the Hammerhead out for its first proper trail ride. My buddy came by with his truck to pick me and my rig up so that we could hit a close trail. We picked one that we thought would be a good beginner ride. It was a park with fairly flat terrain and hard-packed, wide trails. We parked, unloaded and geared up to head out.

ReActive Adaptations Hammerhead -

ReActive Adaptations Hammerhead - "Unboxing"

I was so excited the day the R & L Freight truck showed up! I had been dreaming of one day owning an off-road handbike for 4 years and spent the last 6 months chomping at the bit waiting for it to be built. Jake over at ReActive Adaptations in Crested Butte, CO was taking his time building the perfect bike for me that would easily handle my abuse and take me anywhere I might even dream of going. And, that day has come.

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