Krankin' Thru China

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Krankin' Thru China

Formed through the collaborative efforts of disabled athlete Domonic Corradin and long-time China resident and world traveler Joshua Dominick, Krankin’ thru China is a movement to bring the sport of handcycling to China and with it a more active, healthier lifestyle for people with disabilities that live in that country.

There are many difficulties that people with disabilities face in China, including both physical and mental, and even social, but after our first two initial trips in October 2013 and March 2014, meeting with individuals and a range of organizations, we believe there is great potential and desire for a more active lifestyle.

26K MarkerKrankin’ thru China will work to hold both large and small interactive events throughout the year in China, getting people out and aware of possibilities that exist to improve their lives. We will continue to meet with people to help them push their own limits and explore their individual potential. Within the next three years, we also hope to have a physical presence in China where people can meet, interact and get fit with both the equipment and know-how to make that happen.

From the last trip in April of 2015, the Yunnan Mountain Trek. Almost 500 miles of riding over 8 days through the Himalayan Mountains.

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