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Overall Benefits/Advantages to Handcycling:

I had used a handcycle as a cardiovascular training element while I was playing other sports, such as basketball and tennis, to help build my endurance. Over 15 years later, I decided to make handcycling my competitive sport of choice. Handcycling has grown leaps and bounds over the last 8-10 years, and for good reason. It has the ability to fit any fitness/ability level or environment. You can ride for leisure with your friends and family down the local paths, you can use it as a cross-trainer for endurance, or you can be competitive around the world at all calibers from beginner to elite athlete.

The technology has advanced greatly over the years and you are able to find a specific bike that fits your needs – taking it on the pavement or off onto the dirt trails. And most of the component parts – wheels, brakes, gears, shifters, etc. – are available from bicycle shops and online retailers. This makes it easier and less expensive to repair or even upgrade your bike if you choose.

Krankin' Thru China

on Friday, 17 July 2015. Posted in Krankin' Thru China

Krankin' Thru China

Formed through the collaborative efforts of disabled athlete Domonic Corradin and long-time China resident and world traveler Joshua Dominick, Krankin’ thru China is a movement to bring the sport of handcycling to China and with it a more active, healthier lifestyle for people with disabilities that live in that country.

Triumph Foundation Handcycle Clinics

on Friday, 17 July 2015. Posted in Triumph Foundation

Triumph Foundation hosts monthly clinic events locally in various cities around southern California. We also take part in other events and groups to educate and inspire people with disabilities to get out doors and involved in handcycling at any level they may choose based on their abilities, not on their disability.

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