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wheelchair manufacturers

Box Wheelchairs Rigid Wheelchair

What is it like to have a wheelchair custom made just for you by one of the greatest builders in the industry, you ask? Well, it's like going to Enzo Ferrari to have a race car made. This was the feeling I had as I went down to Norco, CA to get spec'd out for my new chair.

Box Wheelchairs WCMX Wheelchair

Well, after the great experience with the build of my everyday chair from Box Wheelchairs I set Mike up for a new challenge.. I asked him to take his already battle tested WCMX chair and turn it into a trail shredding, snow throwing off-road animal.

Permobil Lifestand Helium LSA

Yesterday, I spent a few hours in my garage rearranging some of the stuff in there in an effort to gain some more room to, well, put more stuff. I hopped into my brand new Helium manual standing chair to see how well it would work for reaching things on the higher shelves and it worked beautifully.

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