Negative Comments in Social Media

on Sunday, 05 May 2013. Posted in personal, randomness, rants

Negative Comments in Social Media

Not to ride on the death of another thrill seeker to bring it up, but after reading the comments on the crash video for Caleb Moore, I am forced to go on another rant. As a thrill-seeking, adrenaline junky, life LIVER as well, I can relate to the drive that guys like this have to push the limits. We all push the limits within ourselves to be better and in that moment we feel the buzz from a chemical reaction inside our own bodies.

No need for a needle or a flame, no synthetic concoction, just our own body and what it does best to make us truly feel alive. Whether it is driving a car at top speeds or bombing down a snow-covered mountain, we find what specific activity that we really enjoy to give us that spike of adrenaline. In pushing those limits within us, it also pushes us to better our bodies and our minds.

It was said about the guys from Nitro Circus, that they would do it without the cameras, without the fans, just a few good friends having fun in a back yard. Mainstream media has created the publicity avenue to show what these people are doing, in my opinion, to spark others to go out and do likewise; to push those boundaries. How is anyone or anything going to ever advance and grow if limits aren’t pushed? And this is not just about the human body, but technology in electronics, cars, and so much more. Are you happy with the status quo? Are you existing, or really living? Are you doing your part to help others do the same?

This brings me to the cause of my anger and subsequent rant. These people, these dregs of society that take a public forum to bash others for doing what they love sicken me. We take chances and are completely aware of the risks involved. We are not naive to the danger. We assess it and try to do all we can to lessen the risk. My father taught me long ago, when I learned to ride a motorcycle that, “it is not IF you go down, it is when and how hard”. He taught me how to ride as safe as I could and respect the machine, understanding that it could bite me at any moment.

Many people don’t usually see the “behind the scenes” of the planning and preparation that goes into a trick, stunt or activity. They don’t see the video describing why we wear the safety gear that we do, or the planning that goes into the “worst case scenario”. In my mind, I lay out the possible exits and what the damage might be if I go one way or another. I use my past mistakes and mishaps to make a better run the next time. Most people are privy to the end result of a trick landed. They see the glory of it or in Caleb’s case, they see the tragic consequences of what happens when our planning and preparation still aren’t enough to keep us from injury or even death.

The love for what we do keeps us trying and pushing through the tough times and injuries – trust me, I have had my fair share of bumps and bruises. I have literally been thrown from the horse and gotten right back on him to ride again. I haven’t let the crashes scare me away from anything. I learn from them and move forward. If you are too weak or scared to try something for yourself, don’t spread your fear, keep it to yourself. If you truly have something good to say to help others better themselves, by all means, speak up. Otherwise, silence is golden.

I was raised that if you can’t say anything nice, just don’t say anything. Why do people find the need to belittle others to make themselves look better? And this goes for all of those people who post negative comments just to start a fire or to make their hit counts rise. This is pointless use of a good medium. Knock it off! Keep your narrow-minded comments to a discussion in your living room with possible like-minded people.

For those of you who want to pay your respects, here is the video from the x-games of his crash. Please, don’t perpetuate the negative. We are put on this planet to help others and learn all we can. No room for the negativity. We already have to deal with enough negative in our own minds.

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