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on Sunday, 05 May 2013. Posted in personal, randomness

Just the other day, I opened a new account at a credit union here in Valencia at the Logix Federal Credit Union near my gym and I have to really give them huge kudos. My girlfriend had been sent a flyer for an offer if she referred someone to open an account and I had thought it would be good to have an account here close to home. Plus, she had such good things to say about the people at that branch in the past.

On a day of running errands, we stopped by and I was reminded instantly of why I love working with credit unions instead of banks; warmly greeted as we entered the front door and assisted promptly. We worked through the account opening process with the account rep., Lily and chatted as if we were old friends.

After sorting out all of the savings and checking details, I inquired about possibly applying for a small loan to purchase a vehicle. Now, I am fully aware of my less-than-ideal credit situation, so I am preparing for a “no” as I have heard time and time again from other banks and so-called credit institutions. The vehicle I was looking to purchase was, as I figured, out of their parameters for a vehicle-specific loan, but I was told I had other options. What? No door slammed in my face? Other option? Excellent!

We proceeded to fill out a credit card application-- yet another avenue I had tried in the past and was denied. Apparently, if you are a couple points shy on your credit score, of which each financial institution comes by these numbers in their own independent ways, you don’t qualify. “We are sorry. There is nothing we can do for you,” they say, “Take care of some of your debts and get back to us in a year or so.”

Now, I was set up with a credit union account back home in Michigan when I was 14 through my father, who was set up by his father, so there is a long standing relationship through multiple generations at that particular credit union. I have always had such good luck with my credit union there, and was hoping to find the same mentality at this new one. And I wasn’t disappointed.

After filling out the necessary paperwork, on an iPad interestingly enough, as this CU was doing more and more to go “paperless”, my new/old friend Lily gave a call to the back office to see if I was approved right then and there. With only a few words exchanged she hung up the phone and said that I was indeed approved. Approved? Did they not see my credit report? Did they get someone else's information instead? Is she for real? This is AWESOME!

The next morning I stopped by the branch again to bring in some paperwork that they had requested and Lily worked her magic and got the money transferred into my account straight away. I was very thankful as she said that they like to give people a chance to prove themselves and help rebuild their credit if need be. What? I have NEVER heard that from a bank. More like, “Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.”

I have to say a big “thank you” to Lily and the people down at Logix Federal Credit Union. A low-risk chance on their end that they took helping me with this makes a huge difference, and the first big step in getting me back on the road again. Now to stop and grab the pink slip for the new project.. stay tuned!

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