Accessible Racing "Skid School"

on Sunday, 01 June 2008. Posted in adventures, united states, sports, travel journal

Accessible Racing

In June of 2008, I was chosen to be one of eight "celebrity drivers" for the Accessible Racing program. We all got together in Andover, Massachusetts for our "Skid School" training on the first day. We were instructed in Emergency Braking, Slalom, and Navigating an Auto-Cross Course. Then the crew all headed on to Woodstock, New Hampshire for a day on the track at the White Mountain Racetrack.

After our training session, putting the Volvo S80 sedans through the ringer, we got a chance to get in the real race car and run it ragged. This is a legit race car from the Winston Cup Series with a full tube chassis and all the fixin's. They even modified the tubing to make a driver's door and a removable body panel to cover it all up once inside. The car has a full set of hand controls, even a push button automatic transmission and a 9-way power seat.

This was a wicked weekend of racing with good friends. Look for more events to come! This program looks to help injured vets and civilians feel that rush they thought impossible. Thanks to Brian Hanaford and the Accessible Racing crew for a fantastic weekend and providing a much needed program.

Our weekend even brought some much needed fun on the lake after the hot days on the track. We headed to Squam Lake for some water skiing and all around general summer fun.

For more information and upcoming events in your area, check out Accessible Racing is a chance to try racing out, from hot laps with a certified driver all the way up to full race training to race your own car if you choose.

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