"Gimp Day" - 13 Years Later

on Sunday, 09 December 2007. Posted in personal, randomness

As of December 9th, 2007 I have officially been in a wheelchair for 13 years and, "boy, what a long, strange trip it has been." Some people question why I celebrate this day. Some people say they feel sorry for me or that it is sad that I am in a wheelchair for what looks like the rest of my life. I see it as a great day in my personal history. For more than just the simple fact that I survived.. I excelled.

I have met more incredible people and done more things in my life, that I never thought I would of living my life with the use of my legs. Since the day I was injured, I have felt the drive and determination to do whatever I could whenever I was given the opportunity. I have played almost every sport there is, participated in almost every activity I can think of (besides the ones in planning) and traveled all over the world -- 15 countries on 4 continents, so far. And I am still only 29 years old! I still haven't even begun! Now, when you sit back and reflect on your life, you tell me - Has this injury stopped me from doing the things I want to, or even hindered me, for that matter? For all the people who think that December 9th, 1994 was a bad day just look at the rest of my website, and you tell me my life is sad.

Some people have put such a negative overtone on the number 13. Superstitious people in the past have said it was an evil number or, at best, an unlucky number. Well, I believe I am the kind of person that finds luck in even the unlucky situations. So, to me 13 is a lucky number and this being 13 years since the day I was put in a chair I think this celebration deserves a little bit extra.

I put this challenge out to anyone and everyone, with or without a disability of any kind... Try and Keep Up!

Every year I will be celebrating the day I was in a horrible car accident and lived to tell the stories. Every year I will celebrate this day in a new place somewhere on the globe. Everyone is welcome to join me, either on this day or on their own day. So raise that glass of wine or that pint Guinness and toast..

"Here's to us. If we weren't us, we'd want to be us!"

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